Carleton Road, Skipton

Planning consultancy; Residential development

Client: Yorkshire Housing and Termrim Construction

he scheme comprises of 109 family homes, along with new road infrastructure (including a bridge) and associated landscaping.

Upon Hive’s appointment, the site already had a complex planning history. It comprised of two phases, each of which had their own planning permissions (and subsequent minor material amendments), with a Section 106 agreement binding the site together as a single development site for 106 dwellings. Hive’s instruction was to work closely with the client at Yorkshire Homes to establish a planning strategy to increase the number of dwellings from 106 to 109 by amending the existing planning permissions. At an early stage, Hive met the planning officers at Craven District Council and reached an agreement to progress the submission of two Section 73 applications in order to increase the number of units across the site.

In tandem, Hive also sought to remove any pre-commencement conditions in order to enable a swift start on site to be achieved. The Section 38 details that had been produced by the contractor were also submitted with the application and through continued dialogue with the Council, contractor, the highway authority and the client, all pre-commencement requirements were agreed, with no such conditions attached to the new approvals. Hive has then been retained by the contractor Termrim to discharge all conditions across the two phases.

This project demonstrated Hive’s ability to work positively and proactively with the local planning and highway authorities, understand the technical details of a development scheme and successfully negotiate amendments to a planning permission and discharge conditions in order that work can start on site at the earliest possible opportunity.

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