St Cuthbert's Garden Town

Stakeholder / Landowner Engagement

Client: Carlisle City Council

Hive are working with the Council on engagement with landowners and stakeholders within St Cuthbert’s, a key workstream given that there are over 100 landowners and very little publicly owned land within the Garden Town (GT). For any GT to work, regardless of the delivery vehicle, it is imperative that the Council engage comprehensively and frequently with all landowners to understand their position and appetite towards development, as well as consulting on the emerging masterplan and planning policy. This instruction required Hive to draft an engagement strategy working primarily with landowners, agents, consultants, strategic land promoters and developers, identifying and implementing a future way of working with landowners and a means through which joint working – particularly around the development of masterplan framework – could be formalised. The work included:

  • Fronting landowner engagement forums / events and individual meetings with key landowners where potential collaboration structures were presented and discussed;
  • Representing the Council in engagement with landowners including responding to enquiries;
  • Land ownership review, including a review of legal barriers to delivery, and the creation and updating of a comprehensive landowner database;
  • Feeding landowner intelligence into the emerging masterplan to ensure key barriers to delivery were understood; and
  • Drafting and leading on the roll out of a landowners Memorandum of Understanding.

As well as the ongoing tasks, Hive drafted a report setting out options around landowner collaboration and vehicle(s) which would be best suited to aid delivery of the GT. Drawing on expertise on similar instructions on other large scale residential led development projects, the key lessons learned from the project was the need for early and ongoing engagement with the key stakeholders, bringing in Homes England as part of the strategy to demonstrate Government buy-in, the identification of landowner-related ‘show stoppers’ to feed into masterplan formulation, as well as the need to adopt a tailored approach to different stakeholders and at different stages of the project.

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