Great Places Housing Group and Redwaters

Hive Land and Planning are working with Great Places Housing Group and Redwaters to build affordable homes on land south of Hill Top Road, along with a purpose built changing room and community facility and car park at Walkden Cricket Club.

We invite you to take part in this online consultation and provide your comments on the latest plans and proposals. Please find the following documents which can be downloaded from this webpage:

Overview of the Proposals

Delivering Affordable Housing

The proposals include the delivery of 91 affordable homes on Hill Top Moss, with the main vehicular access being taken from the northern boundary off Hill Top Road. 100% of the homes are to be affordable and so this will provide opportunities for local people who need access to subsidised housing, bringing with it significant social and well-being benefits for the community.

The mix of homes proposed will contribute towards the creation of a vibrant and attractive new community and the variety of tenures, house sizes and types will provide new housing opportunities for all, including older people, families and the younger generation.

The Residential Site layout and CGI’s show the proposed plans for the residential element of the development.

It is recognised that part of the site perimeter offers suitable habitat for biodiversity and so as the plan shows, a buffer is proposed from the most sensitive locations, particularly in the north east corner of the residential area next to Blackleach Country Park. Enhancements are also to be delivered, through the introduction of extensive landscaping features across the whole site that will provide new opportunities for habitats and biodiversity, which connect to the surrounding green networks.

Great Places will then manage the affordable homes, committing themselves to the local community for the long term. Great Places is one of the fastest growing housing associations in the north of England and their growth is underpinned by a profit-for-purpose business model. Great Places provides affordable housing across the North West and Yorkshire and as one of the largest housing associations in the North, work in some of the region's most diverse neighbourhoods, meeting the needs of the communities that they serve.

If you want to find out more about what Great Places do, please visit

New Community Facilities

The other critical element of the proposals is a new changing room and community facility at Walkden Cricket Club. Redwaters has worked closely with Walkden Cricket Club for a number of years and will deliver the new building for the Cricket Club’s and the local community’s use.

Please see the changing rooms and community facilities elevations and proposed floor plans for details of the proposed development associated with the cricket club and see the proposed site plan of the cricket club and car park for an overview of what the sports facilities will look like.

Changing rooms are also to be provided for the use of local football clubs and discussions are ongoing with Salford City Council regarding options to remedy the drainage issues associated with the Harriet Street Football Pitches, bringing them back into active use. Local community groups will also be able to hire the function room that is also to be provided within the building. A new car park is also to be delivered off Louisa Street which will help with any on street parking issues that may have been experienced in the local area.

Tell us your views

We would like to hear your thoughts and feedback on the proposals. Some of the aspects of the scheme you may wish to comment on could include:

  • Do you agree with the restoration of the Harriet Street Playing Pitches?
  • What are your thoughts on the proposed improvements to Walkden Cricket Club?
  • What are your thoughts on the general layout of the proposed residential development?
  • What are your thoughts on the design of the residential development?

Please provide your comments in the comments box below and we will be able to take this feedback into account in order to finalise the proposals.

Your Comments

Thank you for your comments. This consultation has now closed

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