11 Heybridge Lane, Prestbury


Hive Land & Planning invite you to take part in an online consultation about land at 11 Heybridge Lane, Prestbury, SK10 4HD.  Hive are preparing documents for an outline planning application for one additional dwelling at the Site, to the rear of the existing property.

The outline application proposes that the Site be split in two. The new dwelling will take its access from the existing access point currently serving 11 Heybridge Lane.  A new driveway will run in line with the public footpath along the south eastern boundary of the Site. Importantly, this access can be achieved without the removal of any trees.

The parameters plan shows how the Site is intended to be split and the broad location of where the new driveway, residential development and garden areas will be situated within the plot of land. A new 2 storey dwelling with garage is proposed, which would comprise a maximum gross floorspace of 314sqm (3,400sqft). To give you an indication as to what a dwelling and garage of this size could look like, an illustrative design of a five bedroom, two storey dwelling with garage can be downloaded below. This is considered to be typical of the style and size of housing found in the local area.

To provide as much certainty as possible to you as a neighbouring resident, the outline application is seeking to fix the scale, access arrangements and the zone within which the dwelling can be located. The house layout, external appearance and landscaping details would then be the subject of a further detailed reserved matters application, on which you would also be consulted. As such we are seeking your opinion at this time on the proposed location of the dwelling, the access arrangements and scale of floorspace proposed.

The plans and drawings, which have been prepared to support the application can be viewed below.

[DOWNLOAD] Parameters Plan 

[DOWNLOAD] Proposed Elevations 

[DOWNLOAD] Proposed Sections 

Please provide your feedback on the  proposal in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Your views are important to us and we really appreciate any time you can spare to do this.

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