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Neddy Lane, Billington

Redrow Homes would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the consultation website in respect of new proposals for 36 homes at Neddy Lane, Billington.

The intention is to submit a detailed planning application relating to land which is identified as a housing allocation in the adopted Ribble Valley Local Plan and planning permission still exists for 41 homes to be constructed on the site, however this scheme is no longer to be pursued.

We invite you to take part in this online consultation, for which comments should be submitted by 1st February 2021. (Please note this consultation has now closed) Please find below links to the following documents which can be downloaded for you to consider:

Proposed Site Layout [DOWNLOAD]

Some of the proposed house types from Redrow’s Heritage Collection - DOWNLOAD >> [Harlech] [Henley] [Oxford Lifestyle] [Shaftesbury] [Warwick

Typical landscape treatment - DOWNLOAD >> [IMAGE 1] [IMAGE 2]

About Redrow

Redrow are a premium homebuilding company who pride themselves on developing the highest quality new homes, professional customer services, and creating attractive and well-designed developments that will be part of thriving communities in the future. Equally important to this is the relationship that Redrow build with local communities, to address any concerns during the planning process and the construction phase. Redrow are active on and have delivered a number of sites in Ribble Valley and so have a good understanding of the area and what is important to local people.

The house types below are proposed within the scheme and an indication of the typical landscape treatment delivered by Redrow is also shown.

Overview of the Proposals

The housing development is to comprise of 36 homes, of which 10 are to be affordable homes made available for local people with specific housing needs. The overall housing mix is to comprise of the following:

  • 2 two-bedroom bungalows (affordable)
  • A two storey apartment block comprising 4 one-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments (all affordable)
  • 26 three and four bedroom houses (available for market sale)

The vehicular access for the site will be taken from Dale View with homes orientated to prevent overlooking of existing nearby properties. The proposed landscaping includes planting and the retention of many trees and hedgerows which have been integrated into the scheme.

High quality landscaping is to be integrated into the scheme, both through new planting and the retention of many trees and hedgerows. This landscaping and planting will be visually attractive and of high ecological value, enhancing biodiversity opportunities. The retention of hedgerows particularly around the perimeter of the site will help to integrate the housing into the wider landscape to the west.

Despite the Local Plan housing allocation covering a wider area to the north west of the site, the housing is sited so as to avoid the land most at risk from flooding (Flood Zone 3, with reference to the Environment Agency’s Flood Map) and the drainage strategy for the site will ensure that the development will not increase the risk of flooding either on the site or elsewhere.

Give us your views

We would like to hear your thoughts and receive feedback on the proposals, particularly in relation to the proposed design of the homes and the site layout.

Please provide your comments in the comments box below and Redrow will be able to take your feedback into account in order to finalise the proposals and move towards submission of the planning application.

Thank you for your time.

Your Comments

This consultation has now been closed



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